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Common Liver & Spleen Surgery FAQs

Liver and Spleen Surgery is performed laparoscopically to make the patient recover faster and has a good quality of life even after surgery. 

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Why Liver Surgery is required?

Patients suffering from liver cirrhosis, liver tumour, NASH and liver cancer etc are the primary candidates for liver surgery.

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What is liver resection surgery?

In the liver resection surgery, the diseased/tumour or cancerous part of the liver is removed in this type of surgery. The liver grows back in most cases.

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Can I live normally after liver surgery?

Yes, Even Liver transplant patients live a normal life after surgery. Some dietary modification and healthy lifestyle is advised.

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Why Spleen Surgery is required?

In case of spleen enlargement and cancer of spleen the spleen surgery is performed. If the cancer has not spread, only chemo and radiotherapy will follow.

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What happens in Spleen Surgery?

Most of the Spleen Surgeries are performed laparoscopically and the spleen is removed via these small incisions only.

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Can I live a normal life after spleen surgery?

Yes, Patients lead a normal life after getting spleen removal surgery. Dr Sandeep Jha is the best spleen specialist doctor in Delhi.

Best Spleen Specialist Doctor in Delhi

Genuine Advice

Dr. Jha believes that the surgery should be the last resort to treat a disease. So when a disease is treatable with medicines, he never advises for surgery. Such doctors are rare now a days.

Experienced Hepatologist

Dr. Sandeep is an experineced and skilled gastrointestinal surgeon and liver specialist in Delhi. He is the well-known hepatologist in delhi for all the liver diseases treatment and liver transplant as well.

Dr Sandeep Jha Liver Specialist in Delhi

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