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Common Laparoscopy Surgery FAQs

Laparoscopy is a minimaly invasive surgical technique that saves the patient from a big incision. The small incisions in laparoscopy surgery make the recovery faster and cosmetically appealing as well. 

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What is the difference between Laparoscopy and Open Surgery?

Laparoscopy is a minimaly invasive surgery in which a few small cuts are made while in the open surgery a large cut is made to access the internal organs.

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What kind of surgeries are performed laparoscopically?

With the new advancements of technology, almost all surgeries are performed laparoscopically such as gall bladder removal, colon surgeries, stomach surgeries etc.

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Is laparoscopy effective in Cancer patients as well?

It depends upon the type and stage of cancer. If the cancer is caught in early stages, then the surgery is perfromed laparoscopically. If the cancer has spread then open or radical approach is better.

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Is Hernia treatable via laparoscopy?

Yes, Dr Sandeep Jha being one of the best laparoscopy surgeon in Delhi performs most of his surgeries by laparoscopy. He treats all types of hernias laparoscopically.

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Will I recover faster after minimal invasive Surgery?

Yes, Most patients are up and about the next day after laparoscopy surgery. The recovery time is half of the open surgery. As the size of incision is smaller, the recovery is faster and scars are barely noticeable.

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Is there any side-effect of laparoscopy surgery?

There are no side-effects, however some patients feel pain under their right shoulder blade for a few days after the surgery. This is due to the movement of gas induced during the procedure. It settles down within 2-3 days.

Best Laparoscopic Surgeon in Delhi

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Dr. Jha believes that the surgery should be the last resort to treat a disease. So when a disease is treatable with medicines, he never advises for surgery. Such doctors are rare now a days.

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Dr. Sandeep is an experineced and skilled gastrointestinal surgeon and liver specialist in Delhi. He is the well-known hepatologist in delhi for all the liver diseases treatment and liver transplant as well.

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