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Common Gastroenterology Disease FAQs

All digestive system Disorders and their treatment needs accurate diagnosis, regular medicine intake and the correct lifestyle modification as per the Gastroentrologist’s advice. 

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Can Stomach diseases be treated by medicines?

Yes, if diagnosed in early stgaes, stomach diseases can be treated by medications and lifestyle changes as well. All stomach, colon and rectum Diseases and endocrine diseases medications are available.

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Esophageal / Food Pipe Disease Treatment

The food pipe or esophageal diseases such as Achalsia Cardia, GERD, Food pipe Cancer etc. Dietary Modification, medications and surgical treatment is available as well if the need arises.

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Is Stomach Disease Treatment Available?

Yes, Dr Sandeep treats all types of stomach diseases such as Gastric or Peptic Ulcers, stomach cancer and stomach tumors etc. Stomach Surgeries and non-surgical treatment is available as well. Dr Sandeep is the best colorectal surgeon in Delhi.

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What is Colon and what are the diseases?

Colon is the large intestine that helps in digestion of food and makes faeces. It is connected to rectum where all the waste material deposits. Colon Cancer and inflammatory bowel diseases are the most common colon diseases.

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What is a colo-rectal surgery?

Surgery that involves colon and rectum is known as colo-rectal surgery. It is performed in colon cancer when it spreads to the rectum as well. Colectomy, LAR and ULAR are the commonlyhh performed surgeries for colo rectal diseases. Dr Sandeep Jha is the best colorectal surgeon in Delhi.

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What is a Stoma?

When the anal and rectum area is removed due to cancer then a different opening is created in the skin. This opening serves as the outlet of stool and gas this is known as stoma. Dr Sandeep Jha is an expert in stoma creation and stoma care advice.

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Genuine Advice

Dr. Jha believes that the surgery should be the last resort to treat a disease. So when a disease is treatable with medicines, he never advises for surgery. Such doctors are rare now a days.

Experienced Hepatologist

Dr. Sandeep is an experineced and skilled gastrointestinal surgeon and liver specialist in Delhi. He is the well-known hepatologist in delhi for all the liver diseases treatment and liver transplant as well.

Dr Sandeep Jha Liver Specialist in Delhi

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