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Best Doctor for Gall Bladder Surgery in Delhi

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Cholecystectomy FAQs

Dr Sandeep Jha is the best doctor for gallbladder surgery in Delhi NCR. Gall Bladder treatment needs accurate diagnosis, regular medicine intake and the correct lifestyle modification as per the hepato-biliary specialist advice. 

frequently asked question

What is a Gall bladder?

Gall bladder is a small pouch like organ present near the liver. It stores the bile that is made by liver. This bile juice helps in digesting and taking the waste out of the body via faeces.

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Can I live without my gall bladder?

Yes, you will be perfectly fine even without your gall bladder. As the bile juice will still be made by the liver and your body will digest food without any difficulty.

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Why gall bladder needs to be removed?

Most common cause of removal of gall bladder is gall stones. Another common cause is gall bladder cancer. The gall bladder can be removed laparoscopically or via radical surgery.

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What are the common symptoms of a gall bladder problem?

Gall bladder diseases produce pain in the stomach area that goes toward your back. Frequent acidity, belching, and indigestion are also some of the most common symptoms.

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When will I be able to go home after gall bladder removal surgery?

In case of gall stone surgery, you will be able to go home the next day after laparoscopic surgery. In case of gall bladder cancer, the discharge depends upon the extent of surgery and the overall patient health.

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Why Dr Sandeep Jha is the best Surgeon for laparoscopic Cholecystectomy?

Dr Sandeep Jha is the best doctor for gallbladder surgery in delhi ncr. Being an experienced hepato-biliary surgeon in Delhi, he has performed hundreds of gall bladder removal surgeries in the past. With him you are in the hands of best gall bladder surgeon in Delhi.

Best Doctor For Gallbladder Surgery in Delhi

Genuine Advice

Dr. Jha believes that the surgery should be the last resort to treat a disease. So when a disease is treatable with medicines, he never advises for surgery. Such doctors are rare now a days.

Experienced Hepatologist

Dr. Sandeep is an experineced and skilled gastrointestinal surgeon and liver specialist in Delhi. He is the well-known hepatologist in delhi for all the liver diseases treatment and liver transplant as well.

Dr Sandeep Jha Liver Specialist in Delhi

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