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Best Liver Transplant Surgeon in Delhi

Best Liver Transplant Doctor in Delhi

Common Liver Transplant FAQs

Liver Transplant Surgery is a major surgery and it needs an experienced hepatologist. Dr Sandeep Jha is considered as the best liver transplant surgeon in Delhi for liver transplant in all types of patients. The liver transplant can be from the dead donor or from the living relative of the patient. 

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Who needs Liver Transplant?

Patients suffering from severe liver diseases such as liver cancer, Cirrhosis of Liver Patients, non-alcoholic or alcoholic fatty liver disease patients are the primary candidates for Liver Transplant.

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What happens in Living Donor Liver Transplant?

In the living donor liver transplant, a part of the liver of the donor is removed. After that the old non-functioning liver of the patient is removed and the new donor liver is placed instead.

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Will the donor face any health related consequences?

No, as the liver is able to regenerate itself. It becomes the same size in the donor and the receiver after the recovery. The donor will be able to live well without any complications.

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What is Dead donor Liver Transplant?

Those patients who are declared as brain-dead are the ideal donors for this type of liver transplant. With the consent of donor's family members, the whole liver is taken out and placed in the receiver in liver transplant surgery.

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Why Dr Sandeep Jha is the best liver transplant surgeon in Delhi?

Dr Sandeep Jha has more than 15 years of experience as a hepatologist for all the complex and time-consuming liver surgeries such as liver transplant, hepetectomy etc. He is the best liver transplant surgeon in Delhi for the expert care you deserve.

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Can I live a normal life after Liver Transplant?

Yes, Patients lead a normal life after getting treated for liver diseases and going through liver transplant as well. Even liver transplant patients lead a healthy disease-free life and some lifestyle changes need to be followed to remain in perfect health.

Best Liver Transplant Surgeon in Delhi

Genuine Advice

Dr. Jha believes that the surgery should be the last resort to treat a disease. So when a disease is treatable with medicines, he never advises for surgery. Such doctors are rare now a days.

Experienced Hepatologist

Dr. Sandeep is an experineced and skilled gastrointestinal surgeon and liver specialist in Delhi. He is the well-known hepatologist in delhi for all the liver diseases treatment and liver transplant as well.

Dr Sandeep Jha Liver Specialist in Delhi

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